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Soft Coral

Soft corals are some of the most popular and most commonly available corals found in the hobby this is because soft coral is much easier to keep. The soft corals tend to be more tolerant of different water conditions. Non-photosynthetic soft corals such as brilliantly colored Carnation Corals or many of the non-photosynthetic Gorgonians are also commonly available, but are much more difficult to keep because of their constant feeding requirements.

Green clove polyps marine coral

Neon Green Clove Polyps

Clove polyps are not difficult to keep and require moderate lighting combined with moderate water movement. They require the addition of iodine and ot...
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Pipe Organ Coral Reef Coral

Pipe Organ Coral Colony

The Pipe Organ Coral, Tubipora musica, is a soft coral, but due to presence of red calcareous skeleton, it is referred to as hard coral. Due to simila...
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Star Polyps marine coral

Star Polyps Large Frag

Star Polyps are a great beginner coral and come in a number of slightly different versions. They are an ideal coral for growing up the back wall or ev...
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