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LPS Coral

LPS Corals are commonly known as Torch, Frogspawn, Hammer, plus a number of other species. they are common LPS corals that exhibit large, fleshy tentacle heads over skeletons that are normally either branching or wall patterned. Most LPS corals are easy to moderately easy to care for and make a great first additions for most hobbyists. Aggressiveness is high for a lot of LPS coral because they are prone to produce sweeper tentacle formation and will aggressively sting any near neighbors that they brush against. 

Lighting should be moderate as well as water flow. These corals have a sharp skeleton at the base of the polyp and excessive flow can cause tearing. They may also fail to fully expand under high flow conditions. Most LPS coral prefer to be placed near the middle of the tank since intense light may cause bleaching. They are somewhat forgiving of temporary nutrient level lapses. Maintain proper Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium levels for skeletal growth.

Blastomussa Frag Marine Coral

Blastomussa Frag

Blastomussa Coral does well in an established reef aquarium being a moderately hardy coral. A low water current combined with a moderate light level w...
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Goniastrea coral marine corals

Goniastrea Frag

Goniastrea is easy to keep and grows well in most reef aquariums. They are a great choice for adding a splash of color to lower flow, lower light area...
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