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Chalice Coral

Chalice corals come in some stunning colors they require moderate care but do have an aggressiveness that ranges in the moderate to high range. Some members of this group can be very aggressive towards neighbors and may even produce sweeper tentacles. Others will likely be the losers if they are too closely placed to other corals and can take severe damage from stings. Best to take some care when placing these corals. 

Lighting Requirements are typically moderate to low, coloration can change with different intensity, so it is best to watch the coral carefully after placement to determine the best spot for it. Water flow should be kept in the moderate range and you should provide sufficient flow to prevent detritus from settling on the surface of these corals.

Marine coral Rainbow Chalice

Rainbow Chalice Frag

The multi-colored Chalice coral for sale at the minute are an excellent choice for all levels of experience. This type of coral usually prefers both l...
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