TMC Pulsar LPS LED Lighting

TMC Pulsar LPS LED Lighting

Full spectrum, reef capable lighting with a super slim design designed for keeping LPS Coral reef tanks

High quality branded LEDs specially selected to promote the color and growth of corals.

Super slim heat management allowing for a slim profile over your aquarium. 

High quality aluminum and ABS housing giving a sleek modern matt black finish

Unique aspherical lenses and reflective light pads to ensure an even light spread

Twin temperature controlled whisper quiet water resistant fans

Stealthy cable management

Temperature override to product LEDS and ensure your Aquarium remains lit

6 Channels of control with a bluer spectrum and lower maximum light output
Weight 1.2kg
Weight including bracket 1.85kg
Total Power consumption 107watts
Dimensions: 36.5x18x1.76cm
Optimum tank size 100x50x50cm

Built in Bluetooth control to be used in conjunction with TMC Connect reef app.

What's in the box
LED Light
Mounting Bracket
Power Supply
Hanging wire available separately if required